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The Main Tasks of the Lebanese Army are to maintain Lebanon’s security and stability, border security, port security, rescue operations, firefighting, drug trafficking and smuggling across borders, and counter-terrorism.

The city of Tripoli. Photo credit: François el Bacha, for libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Cooperation between Iraq and Lebanon to fight terrorism (Al Akhbar)

The Lebanese and Iraqi security services are currently cooperating while 35 young people according to the intelligence services of the internal security forces, 65...

The deterioration of social and economic conditions, a security challenge (Fitch Solutions)

Fitch Solutions believes that the deterioration of social and economic conditions could increase security challenges, especially for companies. According to the cabinet, violent demonstrations...

40 tons of food aid donated by Pakistan to the Lebanese Army

The Lebanese Army Command announces the arrival this morning of 40 tons of medical equipment and food aid offered by Pakistan to the Lebanese...
The ceremony of July 14, 2009 in At Tiri in South Lebanon in the company of the French Contingent of UNIFIL. Photo credit: Libnanews.com, all rights reserved.

New incident between UNIFIL and inhabitants of southern Lebanon

A new incident between residents of an unspecified locality and members of UNIFIL took place overnight, says the deputy director of the UNIFIL information...

Lebanese army arrests 39 people suspected of shooting on New Year’s Day

The Lebanese Army Command announces that units have arrested 39 people suspected of firing on New Year's Day in the Bekaa Valley and northern...

Ogero threatens banks with reprisals if his employees do not benefit from circular 161

Ogero director Imad Kredieh has threatened the banks with reprisals if his employees do not benefit from Circular 161. He also denounced the scenes...

Two suspects of Byblos Zalka agency robbery die in Lebanese Army operation

The national news agency indicates that 2 people suspected of being involved in the robbery of the branch of Bank Byblos in Zalka were...

Le Nord du Liban libéré des mines

Le commandant de l'armée libanaise, le général Joseph Aoun, a annoncé lors d'une cérémonie organisée par le centre libanais d'action contre les mines dans...

Une photo d’un soldat de l’armée libanaise parmi les photos de l’année 2021 pour...

L'armée libanaise indique qu'une photo prise lors des incidents de Tayyouneh le 14 octobre dernier, montrant un soldat évacuant un enfant d'une école adjacente...

Un don britannique en équipement de 1.4 millions de dollars en faveur de l’Armée...

La Grande Bretagne a accordé à l'armée libanaise un don de pièces de rechanges de 1.4 millions de dollars en faveur des régiments en...
Screenshot of Daesh propaganda video.

Towards fear of incidents linked to Daesh (Al Akhbar)

Citing security sources, the daily Al Akhbar indicates that the Directorate of Intelligence of the army has received information about the disappearance of 35...

Affaire du Port de Beyrouth: les anciens militaires protégés (Al Akhbar)

Le quotidien libanais arabophone accuse à la fois les Etats-Unis et le commandement de l'Armée Libanaise de protéger un certain nombre de responsables dans...
Le logo du quotidien Al Akhbar

L’Armée Libanaise demande une aide financière internationale (Al Akhbar)

Face à la crise économique, le commandement de l'Armée Libanaise général Joseph Aoun aurait évoqué la constitution d'un fond financier d'aide lors de sa...

Le premier ministre reçoit les familles des islamistes détenus à Roumieh

Le premier ministre Najib Mikati a reçu au grand sérail le comité des familles des détenus islamistes de la prison de Roumieh, en présence...