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The Main Tasks of the Lebanese Army are to maintain Lebanon’s security and stability, border security, port security, rescue operations, firefighting, drug trafficking and smuggling across borders, and counter-terrorism.

Lebanese army intercepts 60 migrants bound for Cyprus

The Lebanese Army says it intercepted a boat 10 nautical miles off the city of Tripoli. On board were 60 people, including 59 Syrian...

51 Syrian migrants on their way to Cyprus intercepted by the Lebanese army

The Lebanese Army indicates that on Saturday it intercepted 51 Syrian refugees, including 39 men, 5 women and 7 minors, who were trying to...

North Lebanon: New fuel seizure for Syria

The Internal Security Forces indicate that a new fuel seizure has taken place as part of the fight against smuggling to Syria. Two trucks...

The Bekaa plain invaded by locusts

The sky of the Bekaa Valley is currently invaded by grasshoppers and locusts coming via Syria, in particular at the level of the localities...

The locusts reach the Kesrouan and the Metn

Grasshoppers were seen near the capital Beirut and also on the coast of the Metn and Kesrouan regions on Wednesday, showing a continuous progression...

A large cargo of gasoline and 6 tons intercepted by the Lebanese Army

The Lebanese Army on Thursday intercepted 11 tons of gasoline and 6 tons of fuel that smugglers were trying to smuggle into Syria. 6...

Towards an intensification of the fight against drug trafficking

The Lebanese authorities have indicated that they wish to step up the fight against drug trafficking following the decision of Saudi Arabia to ban...
The Bekaa plain seen from the Cedars. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Syria: New fuel seizure as Lebanese army tries to control borders

The military authorities announced the seizure of 9,160 liters of fuel of the fuel type and about 818 liters of gasoline in northern Lebanon...

The Lebanese Army in the face of the locust invasion

The Lebanese Army has published on social networks an impressive video showing a helicopter whose crew is in charge of fighting against the locusts...

Lebanese Army intercepts 69 Syrian migrants bound for Cyprus

The Lebanese Army indicates that it intercepted a ship leaving Cyprus with 69 Syrian nationals on board trying to leave Lebanon from the locality...

Lebanon: gasoline smuggling to Syria, the source of shortages (Minister of Energy)

Energy Minister Raymond Ghajjar estimated that gasoline smuggling to Syria is the cause of gasoline shortages in Lebanon, due to the price differential between...
The city of Tripoli. Photo credit: François el Bacha, for libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Crisis: One dead and 2 injured during a distribution of food rations

One person died and 2 people injured in a shooting that broke out in the al-Khnaq neighborhood in Tripoli in northern Lebanon during a...

North Lebanon: Protesters intercept fuel destined for Syria

Demonstrators intercepted 4 tank trucks disguised as refrigerated trucks at the locality of Al Muhammarah on the axis leading to Syria, indicates a dispatch...

Lebanon still under threat of electricity shortage

Lebanon would still face a risk of increased electricity shortages due to the near depletion of fuel reserves at power plants, various sources say,...