While the economic crisis is raging and the Lebanese are still finding significant difficulties in disposing of their bank deposits, especially abroad following the establishment of informal capital controls by the Association of Banks in Lebanon, Lebanese beaches are this year, like last year, the fallback solution for Lebanese wishing to sunbathe.

As every year, the Lebanese CNRS has published its annual report on the state of the beaches in 2021.

According to the authors of this report, 24 sites can thus be visited by local swimmers and 8 sites formally discouraged, among which, Batroun due to pollution with phosphates, Dbayeh and Beirut, with a few exceptions and those of Tripoli and Akkar. .

Another site described as critical, the Saïda region is also not recommended.

Among the other better rated sites which stand out, Anfeh despite more “air” pollution, Aamchit, Byblos or even the beaches of Tire in southern Lebanon and Naqoura near the borders with Israel.

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