Speaking on the occasion of the oath of 33 new members of the judicial study institute, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Souhail Abboud said that it is now the era of resilience and the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary.

Let us all be, new or old, united under the banner of this independence

Judge Souhail Abboud

He calls on the new judges to defend the justice system in the face of “attacks, unfair accusations and irresponsible remarks”. He must be free and released, in the service of the Lebanese people, continues the magistrate, “far from any prejudice” before concluding calling for keeping political affairs outside the Lebanese courts.

These remarks come as the Superior Council of the Judiciary rejected the appeals presented by the former ministers implicated in the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, deeming itself incompetent to rule against judge Tarek Bitar in charge of the investigation.

This information comes as the deputy prosecutor Ghassan Khoury lodged a complaint against judge Randa Kfoury, president of the 6th court who had dismissed the case of the port of Beirut. Judge Ghassan Khoury had been appointed by the public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, the latter being the brother-in-law of the former Minister of Public Works Ghazi Zoaiter, implicated in the investigation.

According to Judge Ghassan Khoury, the decision of the 6th Court of Justice could harm the work of the prosecutor’s office “all over Lebanon”.

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