“The situation in Lebanon is terrible, we can make it even worse,” threatens the Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, following the events of recent days in southern Lebanon. He was referring to the economic crisis and the collapse of public administrations but also to the fire of a dozen rockets against northern Israel on Friday, a shot claimed by Hezbollah in retaliation for the Israeli aerial bombardments that had taken place. take place this Tuesday.

By these remarks, the Israeli minister indirectly threatened the Lebanese infrastructures already strongly impacted by the economic crisis. Thus, the EDL only supplies 800 megawatts of electricity per day against a usual demand of 3000 megawatts.

During the last conflict of July 2006, Tel Aviv had imposed a blockade on Lebanon, a country today whose stocks of medicine or food are at their lowest after the failure of the Bank of Lebanon to grant the necessary credits to ensure its renewal.

Already yesterday Benny Gantz had also and directly Iran.

As a reminder, 3 rockets were fired from South Lebanon to the Israeli colony of Kyriat Shemona on Tuesday. Only one of its rockets would have achieved its objective. Israeli forces then fired 92 shells in the direction of Lebanon and carried out aerial bombardments during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a first since the conflict of July 2006. Security sources then accused Palestinian groups of being behind the shootings with a view to provoking a conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. Lebanon had also announced that it wanted to file a complaint against Israel before the UN Security Council. .

On the Israeli side, it is indicated that it does not wish to escalate, noting that Hezbollah fired its rockets on uninhabited areas to avoid any escalation after carrying out a series of artillery fire in the direction of Lebanese territory. Important overflights of different Lebanese regions including southern Lebanon, and even Kesrouan, however, continue until now. The Israeli authorities threaten all the time and indicate to be ready for open conflict if necessary.

For its part, UNIFIL qualifies the situation as serious and calls on the parties to a ceasefire, calling on the population to take refuge in shelters .

Finally on the Lebanese side, villagers intercepted u nc amion carrying Stalin’s organs at the origin of the shootings , handing over the vehicle and the 4 men who were on board to the Lebanese Army.

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