Cedar apple from Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Jaj is a village on the edge of the Jbeil region, one of whose particularities is to host a forest of Cedars of Lebanon on its territory.

It was part of the primary forest which covered the summits of Mount Lebanon, and which, exploited since the origin of Humanity on these lands, will gradually disappear.

It is especially in these places that, according to local histories, the Phoenicians, in particular of the historic city of Byblos, sought cedar wood for their ships.

At the level of the forest of Jaj, we will discover a small chapel under the shaded thorns. You can also be surprised by raptors at the bend of the path that leads there or discover the local flora and fauna.

From the site, one will be able to observe in particular the convent of St Charbel d’Annaya.

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