Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi. Photo credit: NNA
The outgoing Minister of the Interior Mohammed Fahmi. Photo credit: NNA

The outgoing Minister of the Interior, Mohammed Fahmi, spoke out last night in favor of a candidacy of the Commander of the Lebanese Army Joseph Aoun on the airwaves of the local television channel MTV Lebanon.

He also estimated that the outgoing government could be in charge of the upcoming legislative elections, scheduled for 2022, for lack of a new cabinet, regretting, moreover, the lack of precision in the constitution concerning a deadline for the formation of a new council of ministers.

Regarding the elections, he also confirmed that the electoral calendar will probably be respected and will take place in accordance with the current electoral law except in the event of new legislation.

He also indicated that he was ready to re-emerge as Minister of the Interior of compromise between the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri within a possible Hariri IV government, warning also against the deterioration of security conditions induced by the economic crisis.

He thanked Qatar in particular for its support for the internal security forces. As a reminder, this state sent to Lebanon the spare parts necessary for the maintenance of ISF vehicles.

Regarding political issues, the outgoing interior minister refuted any political pressure from Saudi Arabia to stop food imports after drug shipments were discovered. It is a strictly safe decision according to him.

He also indicated that he transferred the files concerning the corruption of certain personalities to the Attorney General of the Republic, Judge Ghassan Oweidat. However, for the time being, he has not opened any investigation. He noted that Judge Ghada Aoun keeps Mecattaf company’s computers at her home and ordered the Internal Security Forces to protect the offices of Michel Mecattaf’s company.

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