The President of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gébran Bassil, accused in an interview disseminated by the electronic site of the CPL,, the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri of “bringing down the country” and that to destroy the gains of the presidential mandate of the General Michel Aoun. He believes that he has removed all obstacles to the formation of the government. However, Saad Hariri must overcome “foreign obstacles”, allusion to the Saudi interference in the framework of the formation of a next cabinet and the joint displacement of the ambassadors of France and the United States in Lebanon, respectively Anne Grillo and Dorothy Shea to discuss this issue with Saudi officials.

The effort the US and France are making with Saudi Arabia is enough to highlight a key part of the government’s problem

Gébran Bassil, July 19, 2021

He also estimated that a boycott of the Current of the Future during the binding parliamentary consultations will not paralyze the Land of Cedars, recalling that the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri had been appointed without having received the vote of the Christian community.

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