Chicken, lamb or beef sandwich, served in a pita bread, shawarma is a Lebanese dish of Turkish origin.

The name Shawarma comes from the Turkish word çevirme which means “it rotates” or “it rotates”. It takes its name from the way the meat is prepared.

Indeed, the meats, salted and marinated in a spicy red wine vinegar, are arranged in thin slices on a rotating spit where they are grilled.
They will be cut little by little to be served, accompanied with an assortment of raw vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, salads etc … and seasoned with taratour, Tahina sauce whose base is mainly made of sesame seeds, garlic and lemons.

This dish, very rich and fresh, was generally intended for the less well-off classes of the local population. Its ease and freshness make it a summer dish par excellence today appreciated by everyone today.


Preparation for 4 people

At home things are obviously a little different.


It is indeed better to buy meat, whether beef, lamb or chicken, already prepared in advance and simply reheat it.

If, however, you insist on preparing 500 grams of meat on your own, you will first have to cut it into strips, and marinate it in a mixture of wine vinegar and olive oil (2 volumes of vinegar for 1 volume of oil) with a little salt and pepper.

You can always add spices, such as cinnamon or paprika.

The seasoning will depend on each.

Heat the meat until it is well grilled.

Raw vegetables

Along with the meat, prepare 2 cucumbers, 2 onions, and a Coeur de Boeuf tomato which will be diced. In addition, salad leaves and a bunch of parsley will be cut into thin strips.

Semmeh in small quantities can be added to the raw vegetables that can be mixed.

Taratour sauce

The taratour sauce is quite widely used in many Lebanese dishes, including sharwama but also for example with fish. It does not differ in any way each time.

To prepare it, you just need to get some sesame or tahini cream sold at the supermarket. There are various brands that offer it. Add a clove of garlic that will be crushed beforehand.

This sauce will be mixed with lemon juice.

Taste little by little until you get the mixture to your liking. If too pronounced, you can moderate the sauce by adding a little water.

The final

Take a bread like Pita or Lebanese bread, open it on one side, first put the meat then the raw vegetables that you will have mixed and finally the sauce.

Pack it all up and serve it …

and that’s all !!!!

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