Architect, painter, illustrator, Benoit DEBBANE was born in Beirut in 1974.

In the early 90’s, being still a pupil of the “Grand Lycée franco-libanais,”he made his first steps into the art world by roaming the streets of his hometown Beirut in search of walls he brightened up with paint spray works, which will make him one of the pioneers of Lebanese street art.

Later, he studied architecture at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, then became a teacher at the same academy and in various universities where he introduced young graphic designers and architects to illustration. Local magazines and newspapers call on him to illustrate and add his grain of salt, including “L’Orient-Le Jour” where he caricatures the absurdities of our society every Monday.

As a painter, he has long exhibited at the ART LOUNGE, a space that lends itself well to his Pop style and his irreverent and tragicomic “doodlings”, an art that does not take itself too seriously and mixes angels, demons, cyclops, shooters, botoxed women and all kinds of fantastic creatures together, from the imagination of a child who has never grown up.

This exhibition entitled “OUGA ​​OUGA!” is meant to represent the cry of the primitive man who sleeps in each of us …

Benoit Debbane presents his exhibition “OUGA ​​OUGA!” at Cheriff Tabet Gallery from June 12 to July 4, 2019.

The opening will take place on June 11, 2019 from 18:00 to 22:00.

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About Cheriff Tabet Gallery

An art lover and a passionate collector, Cheriff Tabet decided to devote his time for sharing his passion for modern art.

After a career spent in communication, travelling the whole world, he has now established an art gallery in Beirut which will be exhibiting artists from different countries. 

Located in D Beirut, a venue dedicated to design, it is the ideal place to exhibit modern contemporary artworks.

Since its opening in November 2017, the gallery has held 9 exhibitions, and is planning for more in 2019.

The exhibition “L’Artiste en Elle” held end November 2018 was the first of its kind in Lebanon as it showcased 7 non-professional women, who paint for their own pleasure.

The aim was to encourage them to reveal their talents but also attract other silent artists to show their work. The gallery will host similar activities in 2019.

2019 is already seeing more exhibitions by Lebanese artists, and the opening of a new space which will be dedicated to all kinds of art and cultural events.

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