Culture and Arts : Lebanon International Festival of Contemporary Dance: Open call for Dancers

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Tiro Association for Arts invites the participation for the Lebanese Festival of Contemporary Dance in its first edition, which will take place in the Lebanese National Theatre from 13 to 16 July 2019.

The festival programming will comprise international and national artists from a broad variety of genres of contemporary dance, located in the historic city of Tyre, South Lebanon. Tiro Association for Arts has been at the forefront of cultivating independent expression through the arts in the South of Lebanon since 2015 when it called itself Istanbouli Theatre, and today, currently runs the first ever free National Theatre in Lebanon. The Festival aims to celebrate innovation in dance across borders. Resurrection of previous iconic venues such as Al Hamra Cinema and Cinema Stars, the Lebanese National Theatre has found a home in the historic Cinema Rivoli, a cultural building which was abandoned for 29 years after the civil war, which now plays host to theatrical, cinematic and musical festivals, carnivals and workshops.

Festival Director, Kassem Istanbouli is a leading actor and theatre director and is considered one of the most prominent cultural and artistic figures in his struggle for accessible theatre and cinemas in Lebanon. Mr. Istanbouli and his association aim to revive the long forgotten cinemas, previously closed due to conflict,  in order to regenerate them as important spaces for cultural exchange and expression.

Artists wishing to participate from Lebanon and abroad can contact the association via email [email protected] The e-mail must contain complete information about the performance and a video clip showcasing the work. For more information, please contact : 


The Festival is in cooperation with Drosos Foundation, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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