NAHNOO: Municipalities Under The Spotlight Campaign


The current Lebanese economic status is declining, and the development plans in many needed areas is lacked. On the other hand, we acquainted the municipalities ability to make a proper change due to the powers granted to it and the huge financial income  paid from the citizen’s TAXES. So it’s the citizen’s right to benefit from municipal projects. 

Therefore, NAHNOO launched its media campaign “Municipalities under the Spotlight”, to press on the municipalities to publish all its decisions and annual budget so the transparency of municipal work will be enhanced and “Samir ” will know on what project his Taxes is paid.

Samir represents the hero of our campaign, like the majority of citizens; he lacked trust in the work of his municipality. To inform people more about the duties of their municipalities and their rights as citizens, we need hand by hand to collaborate together!

In this campaign the role of citizens is significant, by pressuring their municipalities as well as the role of civil society and media sector in revealing corruption. The result will be well-informed and more satisfied citizens, secured rights, trusted municipalities and a more capable society. Together, we can do it.

“NAHNOO” is a youth association that has been working since 2009 to establish an inclusive society for all people by creating a forum for studies and advocacy to reach participatory public policies.

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