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The LF deputy Sethrida Geagea decided to file a complaint against the former Director of general Security and current deputy Jamil Sayyed.

Sethrida Geagea is asking for 10 billion of Lebanese pounds as indemnity to be paid to the families of Ramzi Irani, of Faouzi Al Rasi, who died in detention in 1994 and of Antoinette Chahine, accused of being involved in the murder of a Priest. According to Amnesty International, she was tortured to death.

This complaint comes after the latter indirectly accused the Lebanese Forces and Sethrida Geagea of being implicated in the assassination of a young militant Ramzi Irani, then 36 years old, on 7 May 2002. At that time, Lebanon was still under Syrian occupation. He had been seen last time in Hamra. The body of the victim was found, on 21 May 2002, in the trunk of his vehicle. The investigation into this murder has not, for the time being, been successful.

Jamil Sayyed intended by his words to protest against the accusation of the Lebanese Forces. They were accusing the General Security that he was leading of being involved in the assassination of Ramzi Irani. The former responsible said on Twitter that Sethrida Geagea and her companions had all the details concerning this file.

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