OK, the situation in Martyrs Square has turned into full party mode. Techno music, dancing, people sitting around smoking shisha, people selling food, T-shirts, and anything with a Lebanese flag on it. This is not a revolution, and this is not serious. It looks like the scene before a concert. I don’t see how this is going to bring the government down.

Over 11 days we were exposed to over 100 hours of live TV showing people repeating the same script about why they have joined the protest and what their demands are. Honestly I am pretty bored with it by now. I wish the media would shift focus at this time and offer their studios as a platform for brainstorming, and for an analysis of the situation by experts so that people can benefit from the ideas generated. This would give them things to think about, which would be more constructive than the countless hours of hearing people repeating what we’ve all known from day one.

A revolution is supposed to follow a certain plan of action. There needs to be some form of leadership, and a certain method utilized in order to reach the goals.

The main part of the protest should be in front of government buildings in order to maximize the pressure and visibility. Also all behaviors and activities not worthy of a protest should be stopped or we will never be taken seriously. We need to adopt an attitude that commands respect.

We need people who can lead by example and who would be ready to go on a hunger strike if the government does not cooperate, and to motivate the public to do the same.

The current night club atmosphere downtown is demeaning to the cause and reflects a corrupted spirit .

By Bee Jay

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