Culture : Istanbouli Theatre launches “We Paint Against Racism” online campaign


“Istanbouli Theatre”, “Tiro Association for Arts”, and the “Lebanese National Theater” launched an online campaign under the slogan “We Paint Against Racism” for equality and promotion of freedom of expression and a rejection of all forms of discrimination, with the participation of artists from Lebanon and the world, and recommended on establishing training workshops for children and youth online to help them draw regarding the goal of the campaign, as well as an online exhibition that will be held next July, and this will be determined by the procedures related to Corona pandemic and the conditions that allow the reopening of theaters, the resumption of activities and the return of the public during the coming period.

The founder of the “Lebanese National Theater”, the actor and director Kassem Istanbouli, affirmed that “in the light of the divisions, conflicts and widening sectarian and racial conflicts that prevail in the region, we want to work on using the arts to raise awareness, incite to convergence, coexistence, dialogue, love, and respect for the other opinion and reject intolerance and discrimination with all its forms, and for that, we must draw the humanity that unites us”.

Tiro Association for Arts is working on programming artistic and educational cinemas for children and youth, offering cinema to any director who wants to display his movie for free, weaving reciprocal networks with festivals abroad and opening an opportunity for young directors to show their films, the public with the history of local and international cinema, as well as to the decentralization of performances through «The Art of Peace Bus » for mobile shows, and works to open cultural platforms in Lebanon, from“ Hamra Cinema ”in Tyre and“ Stars Cinema ”in Nabatieh City and“ Rivoli Cinema ”which turned into the Lebanese National Theater, the first free theater and cinema in Lebanon, independent and free cultural platform that witnessed the establishment of theater, cinematic and school festivals and workshops from the International Music Pictures Festival, the Lebanese Theater Festival for Contemporary Dance and Storytelling, Women’s Monodrama and Palestine Days Cultural Festival, and Chouf Lebanon Festival in Cinema.

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