Electricité du Liban has confirmed the cessation of electricity production of the Turkish barges of the Karadeniz company based in Zouk Mosbeh and Jiyyeh. For the time being, total production capacity has thus fallen by 240 megawatts. EDL has succeeded in compensating for these losses with the reactivation of old production units, notably in Zouk, providing up to 130 megawatts additional.

In addition, the public company reiterates its willingness to take the necessary measures to continue the supply of electricity for as long as possible despite the suspension of the granting of additional lines of credit to the tune of $ 200 million aimed at financing the electricity supply. purchase of fuel oil for its power plants. It indicates that it hopes that these funds will be available quickly in order to maintain the minimum capacities of its plants and their respective maintenance.

This information comes as the Turkish company Karadeniz announced the cessation of all production in a press release released this morning. This shutdown will ultimately lead to the loss of 400 Mgw, with total production now at less than 900 Mgw at the national level and comes at a time when Electricité du Liban (EDL) should no longer have the fuel reserves necessary for the needs of its power stations. by early June after the Constitutional Council decided, following an appeal by the Lebanese Forces parliamentary bloc, to suspend the granting of exceptional funding of $ 200 million, further aggravating the situation.

As a reminder, the financial prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim had accused the company of having paid $ 7 million to certain local officials and imposed a fine of $ 25 million. He then ordered the seizure of these barges pending payment of these sums.

In his defense, Karadeniz had previously indicated for his part not to have been paid for more than 18 months, that is to say since the beginning of the financial crisis which the Country of the Cedars is going through.

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