The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, replied to Ali Hassan Khalil, right-hand man of the President of the Chamber Nabih Berri, who had accused the head of state of being one of the parties of the leaders of the civil war, “if he is his king in his war of 1988, in the wars of liberation and abolition at the expense of the lives of Christians and Muslims together, and the destruction of areas in outrageous lust”, before to accuse the current mandate of corruption.

The head of state thus considered that the remarks made by the former finance minister, also requested by the Lebanese justice which wishes to question him on his involvement in the explosion of the Port of Beirut within the framework of his mandate precedent as minister, as being rude and false, concerning the management of Lebanon by two heads of state.

Every word spoken is false “, retorts the President of the Republic who considers that” he mixes the President of the Republic and the President of the Free Patriotic Movement “.

“I am the president of the country, Bassil is president of the largest parliamentary bloc. I manage the affairs of the country, he manages the affairs of the party”, continues the head of state who notes that the latter is also hated because he refuses to negotiate with them.

He also accused the president of the chamber of having undermined the adoption of several bills proposed by the free patriotic current but also of being at the origin of the paralysis of the government.

The President of the Republic responded to the former Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil who accused the head of state of having extended the mandate of the governor of the Bank of Lebanon. He indicates that he wanted to replace the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, but Ali Hassan Khalil, at the time Minister of Finance, who asked him to discuss the extension of Salameh’s term in the Cabinet. Finally, the Head of State indicated that if the blocking of the forensic audit of the Banque du Liban accounts continues, he will not hesitate to name not only those who obstruct the procedure but also those who have misappropriated documents. funds.

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