While more than 9,000 families have been bereaved by the loss of a loved one and a Pfizer marathon is being organized this Saturday and Sunday, several dozen anti-axons – generally also anti-masks – have mobilized in downtown Beirut, a first in Lebanon to denounce the current vaccination process and the project to see primary and secondary school students, the main vectors of the disease today, be offered to be vaccinated.

Among the demonstrators, there are some religious who relayed the call for this rally.

This information comes when nearly 8,000 people have been diagnosed positive for covid19 in the past 24 hours, says the health ministry. A total of 761,853 people have been infected with the virus since the onset of the maladie in February 2020. The number of active cases also remains high, with 52,611 people identified as positive.

At the hospital level, 668 beds are occupied by covid patients, or 66% of the current capacity. 85% of patients are not vaccinated. The occupancy rate of intensive care beds is currently 79% with 347 people placed. Among them, 84% are not vaccinated. 72 people are placed on a respirator, 92% of which are not vaccinated.

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