However, subject to an arrest warrant issued in early November by Judge Tarek Bitar as part of the investigation into the explosion in the Port of Beirut, MP Ali Hassan Khalil, right-hand man of the president of the chamber Nabih Berri, responded at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Amal movement in Bir Hassan to the president of the Free Patriotic Current, Gébran Bassil who had strongly attacked his party, the Amal movement yesterday. .

Ali Hassan Khalil accused the Free Patriotic Current of having paralyzed previous governments, of corruption via the energy ministry and of sabotaging draft laws and of having caused the departure of half of the Christians in Lebanon.

The parliamentarian also said that the CPL was seeking to weaken national unity while noting that “the comprehensive national dialogue reconnected the Lebanese among themselves and mapped out a roadmap that saved Lebanon during the time of the Israeli war against him in 2006 “.

He also accused Gébran Bassil of being the bis president of Lebanon, “there is a diffusion of responsibility when two presidents are elected at the same time,” said Nabih Berri’s right-hand man.

Returning to the words of the president of the CPL, the deputy wondered if the head of state, General Michel Aoun, is one of the leaders of the civil war, “if he is his king in his war of 1988, in the wars of liberation and abolition at the expense of the lives of Christians and Muslims together, and the destruction of areas in outrageous lust, “before accusing the current mandate of corruption.

Ali Hassan Khalil accused Gébran Bassil of wanting to divide the Lebanese by his accusations that regions pay 75% of state revenues but only get 25% of public services. “This involves provoking internal conflicts and presenting the problem as if they are regions closed to the state with regard to taxation and the like, and giving examples of electricity and water in an attempt to cover the catastrophic failure, waste and theft costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars through the Department of Energy, and what happened in the supply of smart meters and services that were lost “, continues the deputy,

Regarding the incidents in Tayyouneh, the Amal movement believes that the right to demonstrate is not “illegal behavior”.

In addition, Ali Hassan Khalil accused the head of state of refusing to sign 18 bills, also refusing electronic voting, believing that a constitutional amendment would be necessary.

The deputy also attacked the president of the parliamentary finance committee Ibrahim Kanaan who allegedly “wasted the rights of depositors, delaying the law establishing a formal capital control or even the CPL for having favored the renewal of the governor’s mandate. of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salamé.

Finally on the subject of the alliance between Hezbollah and the Amal movement, it is a question of “on the foundations of frankness, trust and respect for the private life of the other, and it was not and will never be sources of the opinion of one party to the detriment of the other, and everyone knows that the movement and its leader were. are sure that the party and its leaders know it “.

“We have not exploited Shiite unity, except for the good of the nation’s interest”, continues the parliamentarian.

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