A new tug-of-war pits the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, against the President of the Chamber of Deputies Nabih Berri, after the latter, according to some sources, tries to force a vote of the parliament during of the extraordinary session convened by the head of state, aimed at referring the former ministers accused of being involved in the explosion of the port of Beirut before the high court of justice in charge of trying the former and current presidents of the republic , prime ministers and ministers, which the families of the victims fear.

People close to the presidency also accuse Ein Tineh of seeking to bury the forensic audit of the Banque du Liban which could reveal certain financial anomalies.

According to the speaker of parliament, “there are no restrictions on bills or proposals which the Bureau of Parliament decides to discuss,” refusing the president “to refer back laws and proposals until after they have been passed. published by Parliament “.

As a reminder, the President of the Republic, General Aoun, as well as Prime Minister Najib Mikati had signed Decree 8662, calling for an extraordinary meeting of parliament to examine a series of articles and texts deemed urgent, such as draft bills. emergency law or proposals linked to reforms, to the financial recovery plan, or to the urgency of living conditions.

It is also a question of examining the new regulations related to the establishment of a formal control of capital or the obligation to return funds transferred abroad but also to extend the lifting of banking secrecy of the Banque du Liban. in order to continue the forensic audit of this institution. Finally, the government should also present its government declaration, gain confidence and in the process propose the 2021 and 2022 budgets.

The presidency of the republic takes refuge under article 33 of the Lebanese constitution which stipulates that the presidency of the republic determines the date of opening and closing of sessions as well as its agenda.

Article 33 of the Lebanese constitution
(Modified by the constitutional law of 17/10/1927 and by the constitutional law of 21/9/1990)
The opening and closing of ordinary sessions shall take place as of right on the dates fixed in article 32. The President of the Republic in agreement with the Head of Government can convene the Chamber of Deputies to extraordinary sessions by decree which will determine the date of opening and closing of the sessions as well as their agenda.
The President of the Republic is required to convene the Chamber of Deputies to extraordinary sessions if the absolute majority of all of its members so requests.

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