“Kermalak Ya Watan”… Emphasizing the army’s role in the resilience of our country

Beirut, August 1, 2020: Right from the heart of patriotism and the vigorous Cedar trees, the sense of national belonging surfaces to protect Lebanon. None but the protectors of our country deserve a salute on their anniversary for shedding blood and sacrificing lives to defend the soil and maintain the security of our country. Under the patronage of the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun, the “Lebanese and Proud” NGO, which aims to support governmental institutions, organized a one-of-a-kind event organized by ICE International Events, entitled “Kermalak Ya Watan” on August 1, 2020, from the independence symbol, Nahr Al-Kalb area, specifically from The Legend venue without an audience, spreading the spirit of resilience to all Lebanese expatriates eager to stand with their families to save their homeland Lebanon.

Live on all Lebanese channels, the event was broadcasted on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Lebanese army, gathering a number of the most reputable artists to celebrate and glorify the supreme role of every soldier who stood up for his homeland. The event included national songs performed by singers Joseph Attieh, Ramy Ayach, Ghassan Saliba, and Melhem Zain, (by alphabetical order) who filled the valley of Nahr Al-Kalb with great voices, bringing back the spirit of resilience to the hearts of the Lebanese. As for the poet Nizar Francis, he praised the army and his country through patriotic verses and poems. The composer Michel Fadel led 50 musicians and 30 chorists to perform a music piece he prepared for this occasion, and a dance show by Nadim Cherfane, who choreographed the dances of the group “Mayyas”, filled the air with pride.

During the event, the big surprise was the performance of the Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi right from the Emirate of Dubai, celebrating the army on its national day and participating through performing the song “Bhebak Ya Lebnan” as a message of love from the Arab people to their Lebanese brothers.

The ceremony included a unique and technologically advanced sound and lighting, in addition to a visual show that shed light on the Lebanese army’s accomplishments, inspiring hope for a better future, amid the successive crises that are striking Lebanon. The President of “Lebanese and Proud” NGO Mr. Fadi Fayyad delivered a speech saying, “Lebanese and Proud NGO did not want the 75th anniversary of the army to pass without paying it a special tribute” and he emphasized on “the people’s love for the army as well as the army’s love to the people.”

He continued, “We are in a time when our country is dying for the leader to live, but only the army dies for the homeland to live.”

He also talked about “the young generation dreaming of only following the Lebanese flag.” In his speech, he said that “Lebanon is going through a great ordeal, but like a Phoenix, it will emerge victorious and it will remain the link between East and West. The Lebanese people should stand and remain united around the army, which is the main pillar to save our home.”

“Kermalak Ya Watan” was a spark of hope and positivity for the Lebanese people, wherever they are. From every land in Lebanon, to all corners of the earth, the Lebanese gathered around the love of their army and trust in it, no matter the conditions, and they rejoiced and cheered for their land, consolidating their patriotism more than ever and handing the future of the rising generations to an institution that never stopped protecting its people and defending its land.

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